Getting Started

This guide will walk you through the usage of the Infinite Personalization Shopify app. It assumes that you have already installed the app in your store.

Make a Product

The first thing you will need to do is make a product in your store, if you do not have one already. There is no need to add an image to the product, the personalizer will add your mockups you create as product images.

Make a Personalized Product

We now need to create a personalized product. You can do this two ways.

Select More ActionsPersonalize Product from the product page.

Or from within the app, select Select Product, and select the product you would like to personalize.


Create Print Variants

Note: Print variant options appear if your product has more than one product variant. Otherwise, you will only see a single print variant menu.

Infinite Personalization allows you to create numerous Print Variants and assign Product Variants to them. A Print Variant is a personalized print file template. For instance, you might have a t-shirt product that has multiple sizes and colors. You may want to have white text on dark color t-shirts, and black font on light t-shirts. Having print variants allows you to do this easily. This is just one example, but the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you want to print canvases with names on them and want to use a different template depending on how many names you want to add. All of this is possible with print variants within Infinite Personalization.

While not required, we suggest giving your print variant a name first. Then select + NEW PRINT FILE from the Print File dropdown and load your print file for this variant.

Add some personalized text boxes. In the Personalized Areas section, under + NEW, select TEXT BOX from the dropdown. You can add as many text boxes as you would like to the print variant and customize the size, position, color, font, and outline for each one.

Be sure to add the Product Variants to the Print variant by selecting them with the Product Variant select tool. Each product variant can only be assigned to a single Print Variant, and it will become disabled for other Print Variants once it is assigned.


Create Mockups

While in the customizer view, click on the “Mockups” tab and select + NEW MOCKUP from the Select Mockup drop down menu.


Give your Mockup a name and select + NEW IMAGE from the Select Mockup Image dropdown. This will be the background image that we will put your print on to show the users.

Now, select the print variant that you created earlier. You will be presented with a new menu and a preview of your mockup. You can scale and move your print file however you would like on the mockup. You can also use the warp points to warp your mockup print to the image. Click the + and – buttons under Warp Points to add more warp points to manipulate.



When you are done, click on the publish tab, and select Publish. Your personalized product will be saved, and the mockup images you created will be added to your store.


Real Time Mockups In Your Shop

When a customer visits the product page for one of your personalized products, our injected script will detect that it is a personalized product and load all of your text fields for the selected variant to the customer. Button will also appear on the product images that allows the customer to see the real time mockup as they type in their personalizations.


Viewing Custom Print Files for Orders

When an order is placed for a personalized product, you have 2 ways to download the print file for that order.

On the order page for the specific order, Each line item will have a field called _printfile which has a link to the generated personalized print file.

Alternatively, from within the app, you can go to the Orders tab and download the print files for your orders from there.


That’s It



That wraps up our getting started tutorial. Now, go make some personalized products for your store. The rest is up to you.